Trust and Respect

Our Trust and Respect Workshop focuses on the notions of both giving and earning each.

Lead with Courage will help leaders to understand the difference and the value of each. We will discuss mutual trust and respect and how it ensures genuinely effective teamwork and team spirit.

Trust is the catalyst for exceptional communication, teamwork and the knowledge that decisions will be made with the best interest of the team in mind. Without trust there can be no openness, transparency and confidence that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Respect is the acknowledgment of the value, contributions and commitment of each person of the team by every other person in the team. It is important that the team show due regard for the contributions, feelings, thoughts, and perspectives of EVERYONE.

Neither trust nor respect can be required or demanded. Both can be earned by consistent demonstration of integrity, credibility, values, and focus on people as the most valuable assets in the organization. Both can also be earned through deeds, actions, and decisions that demonstrate the values that each team member considers worthy of their individual trust and/or respect.


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