“LEAD with COURAGE assisted the Pacific NW Zone of 7-Eleven, Inc. by working closely with key members of our field operating team. By effectively combining group learning processes with one-on-one coaching sessions, Paul enhanced our team’s capacity to deal with difficult issues, manage change effectively, and build better influence skills. As a result of his work, the zone has enjoyed substantial growth in sales and profitability. LEAD with COURAGE helped our field leaders better understand how building better relationships could accelerate meeting our business objectives. Paul’s work helped catapult our Zone to the top of the performance charts in the 7-Eleven system.”


Former Pacific Northwest Zone Leader, Now Vice President, Franchise Systems, 7-Eleven, Inc.

“Paul Roggenkamp teaches the missing element for success in today’s culture… Leadership. His superb leadership training changed my life and prepared me to be successful in every environment: government, industry, military, and in my personal life.”


Lt Colonel, US Army Retired Project Director, Worldwide Support US Army Executive Simulation Training

“Currently as a Controls Project Engineer, I excel by applying the principles of caring for the people I lead, setting the expectations, communicating effectively and being courageous in adverse situations as the example for others to follow. I have used these principles in my career and in my personal life. LEAD with COURAGE is the best for anyone seeking to be a leader.”


Controls Project Engineer, Dematic, Inc.

“Your insight and coaching have enriched my life.”


Certified Business Consultant 7-Eleven, Inc.

“Paul Roggenkamp is a rare leader who leads by his professional behavior, commanding respect of others with his powerful, yet quiet demeanor. He is one of the most respected professionals with whom I have had the pleasure of working.”


International Speaker, Teacher & Author Former Sr Managing Director Kennedy Wilson NW

“As a Controls Project Engineer of Hispanic descent, I had expertise in my field, but no knowledge of what leadership was. Through the individual teaching and coaching of LEAD with COURAGE, I was able to move forward in my career and life with a leader’s mindset. I was personally taught and guided by Paul through 2 years of a Master’s degree program in the Management of Technology at the University of Minnesota, while also working part-time as an independent software designer and raising a family.”


Controls Project Engineer, Dematic, Inc.

“I am continually impressed with Paul’s determination… and his willingness to give of his time and effort to make opportunities possible for others. The emotional enthusiasm evident in his voice and his attitude that “no challenge is too big” combine to inspire those around him to believe that they can accomplish their goals.”


Head Coach, WA Husky Gymnastics team Executive Director, Washington Mens Gymnastics Foundation

“If you are looking to bring yourself to a whole new level in the area of leadership, I personally recommend Paul R….The practical application of his teaching will be put to work immediately by your team to create a synergistic team approach to tackling even the toughest challenges. I cannot begin to express the respect and admiration our team has for this man and his program. Our company has created a Paul Roggenkamp Leadership Award presented annually to an employee whose leadership most exemplifies Paul’s standards. ”


Owner, Chief Executive Officer AC Moate Industries,Inc.

“Paul Roggenkamp, of LEAD with COURAGE is without peer in coaching and teaching leadership. His experience, diligence, care and patience in teaching the principles of leadership enable people to confidently approach life and career from the perspective of an effective leader.”


Controls Project Engineer, Dematic, Inc.

“Paul’s incorporation of personal experience brings his training to life for those attending. He has a passion for developing leaders and a sensitivity to people rarely found in the corporate world. I strongly recommend his leadership training.”


General Manager AC Moate Industries, Inc.

“Thank you again, I really appreciate the insights and learnings that have come from each of our sessions…I’ll work daily to apply the lessons learned.”


Chief of Staff to CEO of 7-Eleven, Inc.