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Setting the Example

Our Lead by Example Workshop focuses on leadership mindset, actions, and behavior.

Lead with Courage will help leaders to understand that their credibility and ultimate effectiveness are determined by demonstrating consistent, caring, competent interaction, communication and job performance. Discussion topics include:

Leader as Role Model

Leaders, whether they know it or not, are observed, evaluated and judged by every team member and everyone in the organization in every way, every day. Leaders are emulated by the people in the team. If a leader is not punctual, committed or hard-working, why should members of the team be held to a higher standard?

The leader is the role model whose actions and communications most inspire and forge cohesive, effective teams. If the role model is not effective, how can the team be effective?

Do What You Say You Will Do (DWYSYWD)

As a leader you are obligated to “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” … “Put your money where your mouth is” and produce results. Effective leaders consistently and competently deliver on promises. One of the most powerful examples a leader can set is by simply doing what they say they will do.


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