Relationship Building

Our Relationship Building Workshop focuses on the importance of making connections and building authentic and lasting relationships.

Lead With Courage will help leaders to understand the value of building relationships with individuals on their teams, peers, and customers. Some highlights include:

Getting to Know Your Team

The leader must know and understand the capabilities, strengths, talents and role/contribution of each team member so that each person can be properly used to perform the function for which they are best suited.

If the leader doesn’t know or understand the capabilities of the individuals on the team, the team will not be able to perform at its best. The key to this understanding is the building relationships. Leaders have to build relationships with the members of their teams to be able to best serve them.

How to Ensure that Your Team Knows You?

Leaders must be open and willing to share their values, vision and goals with all of the members of the team. They must also demonstrate integrity, credibility, competence, consistency and fairness in all interactions with the team. The people in the team must understand the leader’s motives, capabilities, attitudes and priorities. The team must know that the leader cares about each member and is engaged, invested and committed to improvement, learning and goal achievement.

Relationship building is the first step in communicating and establishing the working relationships necessary to achieve efficient, effective teamwork and ultimate team performance.


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