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Preparation for Leadership……..An exercise in self-evaluation



The Task

The task of being a good leader may seem impossible. Effective leadership requires leaders to set the example, be absolutely self aware, accept the responsibilities inherent in the job, be self disciplined, balanced in all aspects of life and communicate effectively the values and the vision of the organization. To do this, a leader must be willing to actively engage with the people to accomplish the organization’s goals.  What is necessary to achieve this is more a process of preparation and self understanding for the leader than it is about learning to influence and manage others.

How to Do It

A leader must understand that the task is less about the team than it is about training, self-evaluation and self-preparation to be a capable leader.  He/she must ensure that he/she is willing and capable of assuming complete responsibility for all the team does or fails to do. A leader must also commit to learning about all members of the team, so they can be properly used in their specific roles. It is also about a willingness and capability to accept and overcome any and all challenges encountered by the team.

Unless a leader is totally committed to being authentic, credible and dedicated to engaging in the process of effective communication and team building, the results of his/her leadership will be less than ideal.

What Teams Need

Teams require leadership that is ready, willing and capable of providing purpose, guidance, coordination, effective communication in a culture of learning and success. If a leader is less than totally prepared and committed to this challenge, how can he/she ever hope to influence others to be committed to perform at their best?

Personal Reflection

Leaders must search themselves and determine if they are willing to work to ensure their readiness for the challenges of leadership. Only then, should they enthusiastically begin the journey. This process requires an understanding of the core values that will be used to develop and define the leader’s relationships with the people in the team. These values will also shape the vision and culture of the team and will guide all of the leader’s actions and decisions.

Self Awareness

Setting the example as a leader means that you must be a role model of integrity, consistency, fairness and balance in all you do.  Make no mistake about it; you will be observed, analyzed, scrutinized and judged at all times by everyone in your team. Too many managers and supervisors focus on pleasing only their bosses. Instead they should earn the trust and support of the people who must be totally “sold on” them… all of the members of their team. “Without willing followers, you cannot be a leader”. Remember to be aware and look behind you to see if anyone is following you. Unless you “put your money where your mouth is”, “walk the walk and talk the talk” and “do what you say you will do”, you are not leading, but merely passing out information.

Accept the Challenge

Challenge yourself to prepare as a leader focused on the value and improvement of every person and the mastery of every challenge by authentic engagement with your team. This is the best way to build a successful, high performance team. Step forward boldly as a confident leader providing your team  what it needs to achieve its goals. Ensure that you have prepared yourself for the ultimate in personal accomplishment…leaving a legacy of your great leadership.

For Training and Coaching

For training and coaching in becoming a prepared, effective leader yourself or for someone in your organization, contact LEAD with COURAGE by calling or emailing us on the Contact Us page of the website.

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