Creating a Learning Environment

Our Creating a Learning Environment Workshop focuses on the value of curiosity, truth seeking, continuous improvement, mentoring, and learning in daily operations. In a learning environment, people aren’t afraid to make mistakes and they’ll work hard to ensure that mistakes aren’t repeated.

When a mistake is made in your organization, does everyone learn a lesson which will preclude repetition of the same mistake? Are lessons learned shared with everyone to increase total team understanding? Does everyone understand that be best learning environment is outside of their comfort zones?

Lead with Courage will help your organization understand the importance of creating an environment of learning for companies to use to ensure that lessons are never lost.

The process of leadership is a never-ending journey of learning, analyzing and applying lessons which can be used to resolve future situations. People change, situations change, and problems can become very complex. Effective leadership ensures that future problems, no matter how complex, can be solved or avoided by people who have learned valuable lessons during their experiences in the organization.


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