Communication and Clarity

Our Communication and Clarity Workshop focuses on the effective communication the organization needs for optimum performance.

Lead with Courage will help leaders to understand and employ effective communication and listening practices that will enable free and comfortable communication throughout all levels of the organization.


Effective Communication

Are you hesitant to speak to large groups or do you dread one-on-one discussions? Is information and knowledge shared by everyone in your company. Effective, authentic communication is the lifeblood of any successful organization’s activities. Lead with Courage will provide the tools, guidance and practical application for your team to increase efficiency, effectiveness and comprehension of all of the communication necessary for success.

Listen to Understand

Listening effectively is a critical aspect of communication. Effective leaders listen to understand while others listen to respond. Leaders need to work diligently to enhance this listening capability in themselves, the members of their team, and throughout the organization.


Mean what you say and say what you mean. Leaders should be as authentic as possible and work to improve and ensure that all forms of communication are effectively used within the team. They must also ensure clarity in that communication. Realize that leaders speak with not only with words, but with actions and sometimes inaction. Clarity comes in the forin of speaking openly about their thoughts instead of expecting people to figure it out from only watching their actions. Great communicators don’t presume that everyone understands their actions and they know that it creates more problems, confusion and work to make people guess.


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