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Accepting Complete Responsibility

Our Accepting Complete Responsibility Workshop focuses on the definition and value of responsibility.

Lead With Courage will help leaders to understand how and why they are responsible for the individuals on the team and for the accomplishment of team goals. Some questions that will be explored:

Who is the one person responsible for the accomplishment of the team’s goals?

A manager is the person who has the authority to direct, use and allocate resources and determine the plan or process of operation of the organization. As leaders, they should be willing to accept responsibility for the conduct and accomplishment of all team goals.

Why is the leader the responsible person?

The organization holds the manager responsible for making decisions and guiding teams to produce the desired results.

A leader accepts responsibility for all actions and decisions that lead to achieving those results. Although qualified, competent people on the team perform the required tasks, one person is responsible for the results. If not the leader, then whom?

A leader readily accepts responsibility for every failure, delay, mistake and uncompleted task. A leader gives credit for accomplishments to the individuals or to the team.
Examples of statements made by leaders:

“Each failure is my responsibility.”
“Each accomplishment is a result of the work of individuals and the team.”
“Every victory is shared by all of us.”


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