Month: May 2021

If you are the leader, “Take Charge” or someone else will.

It has been proven in many ways throughout history that if an organization does not have a leader, someone from within or outside will assume leadership. In military situations and in companies where leaders are not working appropriately to lead the way or are absent, someone will emerge  to direct and influence the people. Too many people who are promoted to positions of leadership responsibility do not understand that they must immediately  accept the responsibilities of their roles and be the leader.

While it is not always easy to begin leading a new team, it is the leader’s responsibility to lead. If a new leader hesitates and struggles to figure out what he/she is doing, strong individuals within the organization may influence others to do what they want due to the lack of effective leadership from the designated leader. For young, first-time supervisors or managers, understand that you are hired to take charge and make things happen. So, accept this responsibility, take ownership of your job and get to know your team so you can earn their trust and respect and thus effectively lead them.

Taking charge/ownership does not mean that you own the team and its members. It means that you, as the leader, own the responsibility of achieving the goals and leading the team to accomplishment of those goals. Be courageous and enthusiastically accept your role as leader. Your rewards will be an organization that performs in exceptional ways and respects your leadership.

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