Month: January 2020

The Secret to Long-term, Loyal and Happy Employees.

Is Your Company Under-Performing?

Are you frustrated because your employee turnover is increasing? Do your employees hate to come to work? Is your company becoming less profitable because your workforce is becoming less productive?

The  Answer.

Changing the situation in your slumping company may be simpler than you think.

It has been proven that most people don’t quit their job; they quit their manager. Think about it…most people are working at a job because they like that type of work.  They may be very talented in that specific job or they have been trained to do the tasks which comprise their job; so they are working at something that suits them.

Why would they want to leave the job they chose?

They work for Managers who aren’t Leaders.

They most likely want out because their boss is not a leader.  Too many bosses are in positions as managers because they were good performers in their jobs, so they were promoted into management.  Unfortunately, excellent job performance does not guarantee success as a leader in a management position.  Leadership is absolutely critical to the accomplishment of sustained high levels of performance and goal achievement.

When the boss doesn’t care about anything but job completion and pleasing his/her boss, employees know something is wrong. When employees are not appreciated for their contributions to the team or they are not in the communication loop, why would they want to continue to  work in such an environment?

What Employees want from their Manager:

They want to be respected.

They want empathy. Theodore Roosevelt put it very well, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care(about them).”

They want to be trusted to do their jobs without being micro-managed.

They want to be recognized and appreciated for their contributions.

They want opportunity for development and growth in their careers.

When leaders are leading teams, their emotional intelligence is applied, and the resulting culture is one of positive, happy, loyal employees performing at their highest level.

Employees want leadership.

Leadership Development is the answer.

If you are having trouble providing your employees what they want and deserve, leadership development for your managers is the best answer.  Managers who practice leadership are focused on the value of the people in their organizations. No aspect of any business is more critically important to success than the people who comprise the organization. Therefore, it is very wise for all businesses to invest in leadership training for their potential and current managers to ensure that authentic leadership is always alive in the company.

How you can have the solution to your company’s leadership vacuum?

For exceptional, creative and tailored Leadership Development for your current and future managers/supervisors, call 253 350-1503 or email: paulr@leadwithcourage.com.

Your employees  will love you for providing them with authentic leadership!


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