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Month: November 2017

An amazing leader and patriot lost

Just this week on the day after Veterans’ Day, I called to speak to an old friend of mine, Jim Hamilton, who was the First Sergeant of the Special Forces Company I commanded in VietNam. Jim and I had formed a life-long bond of friendship and respect. Our work together was never forgotten by either of us. Over the years we connected by phone and also had the opportunity to spend time together when Jim came out to WA for a few days. I was so happy to have him stay in my home and we shared what was going on in our lives.
This time, my conversation with Jim was not to be, as I was informed by Ruth, his wonderful wife of 68 years, that he had passed away after a short battle with cancer at the age of 89.
Our country has lost a truly remarkable leader whom I was honored to have known. Jim served in the US Navy as a young man and after his enlistment, he returned to Pennsylvania where he worked in the steel mills until he was stricken with polio at the age of 23. He was told by doctors that he likely would never walk again. Jim defied all of the odds and with his will and determination, won the battle and enlisted in the Army at the age of 32 and became an Airborne, Special Forces soldier, who was on his third tour of duty in VietNam when we met. He went on to serve until 1979, when he retired as a Sergeant Major. Jim’s motto for everyone was,“be a leader, not a follower.” He certainly lived that motto and set a standard that only a few can ever match. Jim, Thank you for all you have meant to me and the soldiers whose lives you influenced. You are an inspiration to me every day of my life. I love you and I will never forget you…you are the embodiment of LEAD with COURAGE.

There is more to Horse Racing than you think…

During the 2014 Thoroughbred Horse Racing season at Emerald Downs in Auburn, WA Paul Roggenkamp, LEAD with COURAGE, met Jeff Metz, the leading Trainer at Emerald Downs for the past two seasons. At their first meeting, it became evident that they both shared not only a love of horses and the athletic competition of training and preparing the equine athletes for racing competition, but also the passion of leadership and team building as a part of the responsibility of trainers at the track. Their interaction carried over into the 2015 season and continues to this day.

Race horse trainers are not only skilled at preparing the horses to compete, but must also be leaders of their teams consisting of: assistant trainers; grooms who care for, feed and prepare the horses daily; exercise riders who ride and guide the horses in preparation for racing; the jockeys who actually ride the horses in the races; owners who have hired the trainer to prepare and race the horses; veterinarians; farriers(horse-shoers); pony persons; and any number of other people involved in the operation of the racing industry. These people must work together efficiently and productively to produce the desired result of winning races with healthy, happy horses. Teamwork and enthusiasm must be a daily part of all that people bring to their jobs in order to achieve the goals of the team.

Jeff and Paul meet and discuss on a regular basis the importance of balance and consistency in interpersonal relationships with the team as well as in life and the other aspects of the business; incentives, inspirational and emotional connections necessary to produce winning horses. The two have become friends as a result of their professional interests and mutual passions.

Following one Thursday evening dinner at Paul’s farm, Jeff Metz raced horses in six races on Friday and won each one…a fete which had not been accomplished before at Emerald Downs. Jokingly, they decided that Thursday evening dinners should probably be scheduled every week of the racing season to continue that level of performance. In the 2015 season Jeff Metz Racing achieved a record tying 66 wins and a third consecutive Leading Trainer Title. The Metz Team is back in action shooting for another trainer title for the 2016 season at Emerald Downs beginning with a horse running in post position number 1 in the first race on opening day.

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