LEAD with COURAGE provides tailored leadership development/inspirational/motivational programs for teams, organizations, businesses and individuals.  Our programs are individually designed to satisfy each client’s specific requirements determined through assessment surveys and personal evaluation.

Team building training and exercises are offered for small groups, sports teams, business departments as well as individuals interested in building a business, a team or in assisting others in team building. We also provide assessments/evaluations of organizations, and development of improvement and enhancement programs to increase leadership capabilities at all levels.

Principal Leadership Development Program


The learning process begins with workshops on the principles of leadership, and includes practical exercises, role playing, student participation, group discussions, application scenarios and presentation of examples of good and bad leadership. These workshops are followed by individual sessions of coaching/mentoring on the job site or working environments of each student/participant. This comprehensive, engaged concept is a unique and profoundly effective method of learning and applying leadership.  It  develops confidence in the practice of leadership with life-changing results and enables leaders to more effectively lead their organizations.

Individual Coaching & Mentorship

  • Paul Roggenkamp and Ron Higgs will personally coach and mentor leaders individually, on the job site, or at the client’s place of choice.
  • Coaching and mentoring can be accomplished in person, via Skype, email or phone as necessary.
Program Design

Paul Roggenkamp - LEAD with COURAGE

  • Initial survey/evaluation of individuals and organizations
  • Design and development of specifically tailored improvement/enhancement programs
  • On site multiple session training programs with followup coaching and guidance
Team Building and Relationships
  • Building and earning respect, trust and loyalty
  • Clarification of roles and expectations of each team member
  • Conflict resolution
  • Identification and development of future leaders
  • Leading by example
Principles of Leadership
  • Authentic, courageous communication
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Goal setting and actions to achievement
  • Set the Example; Ethics and standards of leadership
  • Discipline and accountability: self and team
  •  Challenging yourself and your team
  • Empowerment of others
Speaking Engagements
  • Inspirational, Motivational and Educational presentations
  • Will travel and tailor presentations to specific audiences
  • Practical exercises and audience participation enhances learning